These Point Pets of the Week were rescued from the streets of Puerto Rico by the Monmouth County SPCA. They have been living in foster homes and are ready to find their forever homes!

Kim is a 10-month old Hound mix who has had a lot of change in her little life and is still a little scared sometimes. She can be skittish with fast movements She is friendly to everyone, although kids are a little scary to her. But if they take their time, you will find she is soon eating out of their hands. Kim loves to run and is happiest when other dogs are chasing her! She enjoys playing with toys and will chase balls. Sometimes she even returns them for more play, but other times she likes to hide them, the silly girl!

Kim is enjoying life in her foster home where she can play with her sister Tara and other dogs. Sometimes she is a little nervous at first with dogs that are bigger than her, but soon they are playing together. And she loves her neighborhood walks and beach walks. She's also getting used to using a doggie door to go in and out when she wants.

If you're interested in adopting Kim, she would be best in a home with another dog who can help show her the ropes and so that she has a playmate.

(Photo of Tara from MCSPCA)

Tara is about 10-months old and also came from Puerto Rico with her sister Kim. She's a 'Sato' dog and has the lean body of a greyhound...a gorgeous mixed breed and fast runner.

Tara was petrified at first when she came to the MCSPCA since she'd never really been exposed to nice people. She is doing really well in her foster home with Kim and learning that humans are really great. She has free run of the house and yard, gets to go on lots of great walks, follows her foster mom and dad everywhere, plays with the other dogs, and sleeps in bed with her foster parents every night (and doesn't snore too loudly).

Although Tara loves her foster parents, she is still afraid of a lot of people that are new. When strangers come to visit, she keeps her distance. But she's very curious about them and will keep inching closer but isn't completely trusting yet. On a walk, she will hide behind her foster mom.

Tara would be happiest in a quiet home and, as her foster family has found out, will bond quickly with a new family. She will happily greet you when you come home and follow you wherever you go. It would be nice if she could live in a home with another dog, but that's not completely necessary.

Since these two dogs are both in a foster home, please call the MCSPCA if you're interested so that they can set up a meeting, 732-542-0040.

The MCSPCA will also be doing a pet adoption outreach at the Middletown Petco, 1391 Rt. 35, this Saturday, May 31st, 2014, from 11 am - 2 pm.