There is nothing convenient about not having power for a week, but here are some good things that come out of our time in the dark.

First of all, we're talking more. There's no TV or laptop to consume us, and nobody really wants to use too much of their cell phone battery, so what is left. Talking. Actually communicating with each other. There's a novel idea.

Then there's helping each other. It's a rare time when we truly rely on each other in a neighborhood. These type of situations bring neighbors together, and that's a beautiful thing.

And of course, there's taking time to count our blessings. I've heard so many people end their story of this storm with, "Could've been worse. I feel so bad for the people who really got hit hard." This storm was a great reminder to keep those you love close.

All that is so true...but I'd still like a little heat at night, and some lights. That's not too much to ask, is it?