Most people try hard to avoid germs at work and probably think they do a pretty good job of it. Maybe, and then again maybe not.

If you think you're completely staying away from germs at work that would mean you're not ever making phone calls, using the bathroom, getting a drink of water at the fountain, using the elevator or working on your computer. And that's just the top 5 ways to come in contact with workplace germs.

According to the Occupational Health and Safety website, telephones, elevator buttons, water fountains keyboards and bathrooms are the germiest places at work. Great. I bet we touch at least three of those things ten times a day, right?  

So, next time your cubicle neighbor coughs or sneezes, or you overhear that his or her spouse or kids are home sick, remember that might not be your biggest germ problem of the day.

Enjoy work today.