Last year we told you the inspirational story about Baunji, a very special dog who was rescued from certain death by an animal control officer in Toms River. Here's an update.

Before we hear the sad news, here's the good news:

In the past year, Baunji has come to visit our morning show several times. This incredible dog has brought smiles to so many faces because he is the sweetest dog you will ever meet. He's got this intuition to know when you're sad and need some love.

(Photo courtesy of Sally Williams)

His owner, Billy Bauer, has certified Baunji as a therapy dog, and the two of them spend their days visiting those that need cheering up and some good doggie kisses.

Billy originally got Baunji when he saw that he was scheduled to be euthanized at a high kill shelter out of state. After saving Baunji's life and bonding with his precious boy, he found out that Bauni had cancer and, in order to try and save his life for the second time, Baunji's right front leg had to be amputated.

(Baunji, photo by Billy Bauer)

Baunji came through like a champ and UPenn was able to make him part of an experimental study for a new drug. It worked, and Baunji was declared cancer free.

Since then, the life of Baunji has been followed by thousands of people. Billy, a sweet soul who loves this dog with everything he has, has been coaching people around the world based on what he has learned about clean eating and supplements for your pets to help prevent cancer. Billy has been there as a friend to so many as they had to bid their special dogs goodbye, and he has supported so many others who are also fighting to save their pets' lives despite a cancer diagnoses.

Billy and Baunji's main message is that canine cancer does not have to be a death sentence. There is hope. There are treatments, both traditional and alternative.

(Baunji, photo by Billy Bauer)

Now for the sad news...

Baunji has had an incredible and healthy year and a half, but now there are two cancerous spots on his ribs and he is in pain. But Billy and Baunji have overcome the odds before. So Billy will be taking Baunji to one of the most respected canine specialists in the country who has accepted his case, and will continue to share his journey day by day.

If you have become a fan of Billy and Baunji and want to help support them in their journey, you can FOLLOW ALONG HERE. And HERE. Billy does what most of us would never do in public: he shares every emotion and all of his vulnerabilities and hidden fears...and you will be both cheering and crying as you, too, become part of this very special journey of love, hope and faith.

And if you have a dollar or two to spare, you can DONATE HERE to help this incredible team of man and his best friend as they get ready to travel for treatments and medical procedures.

Baunji, we love you. Billy, we love you too. Prayers for you both on this journey.

If you have a pet with cancer, did you know there is a non-profit organization that may be able to help you with finances? CLICK HERE to learn all about The Brodie Fund. And a very special thanks to Sally Williams who heads this charity and has provided so much support for Billy and Baunji.

And finally, here is a picture from one of my personal happiest days at the Asbury Boardwalk this past summer. With so much love for Baunji and Billy, here are Brick Veterinarian Adam Christman, Comedian and Animal Advocate Jeff Norris, NJNG's Tom Hayes, Billy & Baunji. The only reason I'm not in the photo is that I was lucky enough to be taking this awesome photo and capturing a great memory.

(Baunji fans and supporters Veterinarian Adam Christman, Comedian and dog lover Jeff Norris, NJNG's Tom Hayes, Billy & Baunji)