From the wicked thunderstorms this summer, to Sandy, to the post-Sandy nor'easter, extreme weather seems to have become the norm around here. And then we hear about temperatures in the 60's this weekend. Really?

I guess, technically, temps in the 60's in January could be considered extreme, but for me, I only classify weather as extreme if it's dangerous, or can cause damage, or it's weather we just generally don't want. That's not the official definition, but it's the one I'll go with for this conversation.

So now the question becomes, can we believe this weather this weekend? Can this be a sign of a mild winter like last winter? Or is it just a tease? After all we've been through on the shore weather wise, I can certainly understand if you're afraid to be optimistic. I know I am. But on the other side of the argument, no one is more due for a good weather break than we are, right?