We are doing some work in our backyard and there was one spot Diane thought would be perfect for a tiki bar. So I went shopping and found a pretty reasonable one. It looked awesome in the store, but when mine came out it looked a little different. It was in a box with the word "some assembly required". Uh oh.

I got it home and prayed the instructions were thorough. They were not. Just a few sketches that looked nothing like the actual tiki bar. Lot of screws and bolts and washers and not a lot of direction. Then I made the mistake most men make. I convinced myself I didn't need instructions. I could figure it out myself.

Four hours and five bottles of Gatorade later, I finally put the roof on that thing and I felt like I climbed a mountain. Can anyone tell me why you can't get assembly instructions that you can understand?  Or can these companies hire someone who can draw so that the sketch on the instructions slightly resemble the actual item?

Anyway, now it's done. Now I can spend the next two weeks discovering all the things I did wrong!