The intersection of 166 and 37 is a nightmare, but has also been an eyesore. That is about to change with the addition of three new eateries in the Dover Plaza in Toms River.

Dover Plaza, Routes 166 & 37 in Toms River (Google Street View)

Staples and Spirits Unlimited will have new neighbors as Buffalo Wild Wings, Panera Bread and Smash Burger all open up shop.

The good news, this will create 80-90 part and full time jobs. The bad news, the traffic.

It's hard to maneuver Main and 37 as is, but add three very popular and new restaurants and it's going to be a madhouse.

I'll deal though. Toms River is long overdue for a BWW and I've heard nothing but good things about Smash Burger.

Look for all three chains to be open for business sometime in June.