I will never understand tightrope walking. The wires are usually the width of your thumb, and some acrobats make it seem like the easiest thing in the world to walk on. It seems like they never fall either, but this video will remind you how dangerous these stunts can be.

After seeing this fall, I'm even more sure that tightrope walkers are superhuman.

It happened in China, when Aisikaier, a sixth-generation tightrope walker, was attempting a 2300 ft. walk -- backwards -- some 650 ft. off the ground while BLINDFOLDED. What?!?

You can see him walking away from the fall at the end of the video.

If you're wondering how it's possible that he survived a fall from that height, his fall happened towards the end of the walk, so he wasn't nearly as high off the ground...but still, it was no minor fall.

He says he fell because of the wind and because he started to feel faint...could also be because he was WALKING ON A TINY LITTLE ROPE.

And how about that 'almost fall'...when he just sits down on the rope, then gets up and keeps going like nothing happened!

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