It's time for round 2...we told you who to get rid of in the first batch of annoying Facebookers, now here are a few more to add to the 'unfriend' list!

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    The Over-Abbreviator

    OMG WTH SMH @ U...HMU 4 Deets! If you understand that, well, more power to you. If you usually speak like that on Facebook, well, STOP IT. Use your words, people. And stop abbreviating things that don't need to be abbreviated. And if you're abbreviating things so that people won't understand what you're saying? Well, then you're next on the list!

    Quinn Dombroski, Flickr
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    The Cryptic Updater

    "Hope this goes as planned!" "Can't wait for MDTN w/ HTF and TFS!" "UGH I HATE mean people!!" Listen, either share the news, or don't. Stop teasing us. If it's "need to know" information, then maybe just tell the people who need to know, and not all of Facebook.

    Laurie Cataldo, Townsquare Media
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    The Awkward Photo Sharer

    You have at least one of these on your list. They never really contribute anything original, just share weird pictures constantly. Sometimes they are funny, sometimes they are just weird. They often involve animals, puzzles, or pictures of quotes, and every now and then they will be VERY NSFW (not safe for work) pictures of a semi or completely naked individual. (99% of the time, they post those right when your boss walks by your computer.)

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    The Leper

    This person is always sick, possibly even on the brink of death, and they want you to know about it. "Off to the eye dr. AGAIN. UGH!!" "Can't shake this's been FOREVER!!" "Why is there always a line at the ER?!? Don't these people know I'm a regular???" Listen, if you can 'check-in' from the ambulance, or the doctor's office, you're not that sick. Walk it off, and stop trying to get sympathy.

    Laurie Cataldo, Townsquare Media
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    The Constant Complainer

    Jamie, Promotions Coordinator here at the Point, said it best. "Your Facebook status is not your diary." Take that to heart. Facebook is NOT the place to complain about your ex, your job, your pinky toe, your crazy neighbor, and everything in between. Your life cannot possibly be that miserable. Everyday it seems like you need to be talked off the ledge...and your posts make me want to head for one. Look on the bright side for once, will you?

    Brandon Baunach, Flickr