This winter felt longer than last...probably because we were hurting since the hurricane in the fall. So now's the season to pull the remote control and game devices out of their hands and get the children some fresh air!

First we were inside for 13 days without power after a hurricane and nor'easter. In a season where we should have had lots of outdoor/beach time left. And Halloween parades. And trick-or-treating.

From there we went into the holidays and a cold winter....and tried to piece our lives back together while helping others post-hurricane.

And even up 'til yesterday, the cold winds still made it feel too cold to walk the beach or ride a bike for some of us.

But now I am seeing 70's and 80's in the forecast and I have realized that I have to re-teach my boys to make playing outside their top priority.

Let's face it. Many of us do whatever it takes to keep our kids occupied in the bad weather. And when it's cold and dark early, the video games, movies, and tv come out to help pass the time. Sure the winter is peppered with 'bonus' warm days, family time around the table, and extra-curricular activities, but I feel like my boys forget sometimes to even TRY to go outside during the winter.

I really miss the days of other kids knocking on our door asking my boys to come out and play. Nowadays the knock on the door usually means that one of their friends just wants to come in and play the latest Wii game.

So the bike tires are being checked, the adventures planned, and I will get my boys back outside even if it means just standing there inhaling the fresh air!

And then by the time summer ends, we'll once again face the argument of them having to drag them off the beach, park, or bike path to come back inside to do homework! The fun never ends!