Just in time for Valentine's Day, chocolate experts are out with advice on how to choose the best chocolate.

There are 5 rules to follow when tasting and buying chocolate:

1. LOOK. Take a look at the chocolate. Premium chocolate has a silky sheen and a smooth, even texture.

2. TOUCH. Run your finger lightly over the surface of the chocolate. The chocolate should be incredibly smooth.

3. LISTEN. Hold the chocolate up to your ear and break a piece. You should hear a real snap. High quality dark chocolate that has been stored properly should have a very crisp snap, like the crack of a twig in the forest.

4. SMELL. Try to pick out different notes. Some people smell ingredients like currant, spice, or even earth. Make sure the smell agrees with you!

5. TASTE. Break off a small piece and place it on your tongue. Let it dissolve slowly and coat each part of your tongue in order to reach all of those sensitive taste buds. This is necessary to make sure you actualy like the taste of the chocolate you're going to buy.

Some other tips from the experts:

-- Chocolate and wine make a very happy combination. (Um...really?)

-- Mixing up drink creations with chocolate is fun...try white chocolate mixed in your hot chocolate or a chocolate raspberry martini!