Toms River Police have announced the second phase of it's re-entry Plan for the barrier island north of Lavallette.

Residents will be able to go to their homes from 7 am till 2 pm. They're requiested to have proof of ownership for their home and ID. Residents are can arrive in their own home and can start flood remediation and winterization of their property.

In a statement, the Township recommends "residents work with their respective homeowners association to have contractors on site to assist in the winterization process."

SATURDAY       NOVEMBER 17, 2012
Shore Way (Lavallette Border) North to Strickland Blvd
Ocean Beach Unit 1            Ocean Beach Unit 2
Ocean Beach Shores        Seacrest Beach
Sunset Manor Shores        Ocean Beach Unit 3
Monterrey Beach            Ocean Beach Peninsula (Bayside)

SUNDAY           NOVEMBER 18, 2012
Strickland Blvd North to 6th Ave Normandy (Brick Border)
Chadwick Beach            Normandy Shores
Chadwick Beach Island        Normandy Beach
Silver Beach

Police are warning there will be no access to communities other than the ones listed and arriving on a day not scheduled will only slow the process.