Children pummel parents with questions everyday on a wide range of subjects. You'll be surprised at the top 10 kid questions that parents fear the most.

What's funny is that a new study shows that one third of parents will conduct research to find the answers to their kids' questions, many others admitted they would either make up the answers or send the child to the other parent!

  • 10

    Why Are There Different Time Zones On Earth?

  • 9

    What Makes A Rainbow?

  • 8

    Where Do Birds/Bees Go In Winter?

  • 7

    How Do I Do Long Division?

  • 6

    Why Is Water Wet?

  • 5

    How Do Airplanes Stay In The Air?

  • 4

    How Much Does The Earth Weigh?

  • 3

    Will We Ever Discover Aliens?

  • 2

    Why Is The Sky Blue?

  • 1

    Why Is The Moon Sometimes Out In The Day?