No matter how young you are, you always want to look younger, but there are some things that may be giving away your age without you realizing it.

Experts say there are signs that can give away your age, but don't worry, there are things you can do about it. According to, here are the top three signs:

(1) Thinning Eyebrows - If you've been tweezing, that's part of the problem. Make up artist say, stop the tweezing and get your eyebrows done by a pro to save your eyebrows in the long run.

(2) Fading Smile - Do you eat, smile or talk? If you do your smile is probable eroding. Experts says to battle the effects of these think about whitening, veneers and using lip liner to make your smile bigger.

(3)  Stretched Ear Lobes - If you wear big dangling earrings, that won't help when it comes to stretching those ear lobes. The answer could be a hairdo that frames your face, a visit to your local jewelry store for smaller stones, or even cosmetic filler.

The article goes on to round out the top 10 signs. Nothing's better than hearing how young you look and nothing's better than finding out how to get more of those compliments!