The list is out for the top cat and dog names of the past year. Did your pet's name make it? Well, the top of this year's lists contain no surprises.

Let's get right to it. We'll start with male dogs. The top dog name in the past year is....drum roll please.....for the seventh straight year, Max followed by Buddy, Charlie and Rocky.  Cooper rounds out the top 5.

For female dogs, Bella is tops for the sixth straight year, with Daisy, Lucy, Molly and Lola. Bella is also the top pet name overall.

Moving on to the cat names and starting in the female category, the winner is...chalk another on up for...Bella. The rest of the top five female cat names are Kitty, Lucy, Chloe and Luna.

For boy cats, the top name of the year guessed it...Max, followed closely by Oliver and Tiger. Simba and Charlie make up the rest of this year's top 5 male cat names.

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