Ever look at your significant other and wonder if they're telling the truth? Turns out you have good reason to worry.

New research shows that men lie three times as much as women, averaging 3 lies per day, while women lie, on average, once per day.

62% of women even feel guilty about telling a lie, compared to less than a quarter of men. So what are the top lies that everyone's telling?

Top Man Lies:

5. "I don't look at other women."

4. "I'm on my way."

3. "I didn't see you called/texted."

2. "Sorry I had no signal."

1. "Yes, I've done it." (Referring to anything from taking the garbage out to dropping off a prescription.)

Top Women Lies:

5. "Sorry I had no signal."

4. "You look really nice." (This is a lie that tends to be told to another woman)

3. "It was on sale."

2. "I'm on my way."

1. "I'm fine." (As any woman can tell you...this is probably a big trap, lol!)