It's been amazing to see communities come together in times of need and as we restore the shore. But, the aid is not only coming from your neighbors, friends and family, but from complete strangers from all over the country. Some were sent here as part of their jobs, some were just compelled to help. Regardless, we appreciate everyone's support. Here are just some examples of folks going above and beyond to help us out.

Jersey Shore woman shows her thanks to passing utility crews, Facebook
People from Dallas, Texas who drove to Central Regional with supplies, Facebook
Florida children man a lemonade stand to raise money for Sandy victims, Facebook
Jets QB Mark Sanchez, Detective Chris Bonner and Chief Francis Larkin, Chris Aldrich OC Fire Inspector, Toms River's own and Cincinnati Reds Todd Frazier at Toms River East Little League helping with the league's drop offs, Facebook
Utility crew from Pittsburgh help out at the Shore, Facebook