Flickr user, vanz

It is hard enough to have the discipline to walk or run every day. Add in the heatwave, and now it's next to impossible. But that doesn't stop many Jersey Shore exercisers.

I was sitting at the boardwalk yesterday morning as we were doing our live show from Jenkinson's in Point Pleasant Beach, and all morning long, especially very early, there were walkers and runners doing their thing. I'm sitting there thinking "Are you kidding me"? Don't get me wrong, I give you all the credit in the world if you were one of them. That is true discipline.

My reaction is simply based on the thought of what it would take me to get motivated to run or walk on a cool, crisp morning. The answer is a lot. Then I wondered what it would take to get me out early on a hot, humid morning and the answer is a lot more. A lot more.

So, when I see each and every dedicated person hitting the boards, no matter what the weather, I'm amazed. Good for you guys! You look great, you're in good shape and you're getting it done. I, on the other hand spent ten minutes just sitting there mentally preparing for my walk to the parking lot.

Be careful in this weather's brutal!