Sick of dreading the way you look every time someone takes your picture? Try these things!

In Style offers this advice:

1. Scrunch your hair just before the picture is taken. The camera can shrink hair in photos! Do that classic model move and dig your fingers into your crown before the shot. It makes hair look thicker and less static-y.

2. Keep your head up to avoid looking like you have a double-chin. Make sure the camera lens is at eye level or higher. If someone shoots you from a low angle, you'll look bloated.

3. Look away and think of something funny or do something silly just before the picture is taken. It helps you project a natural smile.

4. Angle your body. There's a reason celebrities always strike a pose. If you stand at a three-quarter angle, with one leg out (Angelina Jolie-style) and a hand on your hip, it creates an optical illusion that makes you look thinner!