If you thought your last name was too long or too hard to pronounce, check out this name!

A woman named Janice is having big trouble getting her whole name onto her driver's license. No wonder why!

Her last name is 36 letters long and 19 syllables long:


Here's how it's pronounced: KAY'-EE-HAH-NAH-EE'-COO-COW'-AH-KAH'-HEE-HOO'-LEE-HEH-EH-KAH'-HOW-NAH-EH-LE-H.

That's more characters than the driver's license computer can handle in Hawaii.So Janice 'Lokelani' (the name people use for her when they can't say the real thing) is fighting with state and local officials to not have the last letter of her name chopped off and her first name omitted.

Officials say that by the end of the year the state's computers will allow for 40 characters for first and last names and 35 characters for middle names.

(photo by jari, morguefile)