I heard about a text challenge from the JDRF. The concept was to try to get an understanding of what a day in the life of someone with type 1 diabetes is like, and it was a real eye opener.

The concept was that I would get text messages all day and night from professional snowboarder Sean Busby as he went through the course of a normal day. He would take the time to discuss all the challenges he faces throughout the day.

Sean sent me text messages describing his schedule and how managing his T1D affected that schedule. I was amazed at how much monitoring and planning needs to go into a normal day.

But the thing that amazed me the most was how Sean (and so many others dealing with T1D) doesn't let it stop him from doing all the things he wants to do and needs to do. What a great inspiration he is to show young and old alike that nothing can stop them from their dreams.

Jeff Rosen, and his son Noah, joined us on the show to talk about type 1 diabetes and the challenges Noah faces each day. Team Noah has raised nearly $20,000 at the JDRF Walk to cure diabetes.

If you want to experience the challenge for yourself, you can. To learn more about the challenge or for details on how you can help in any other way, or you'd like more info, just visit the JDRF website.