Sick of the same old type of burger? Here are some ideas you may not have tried yet.

Restaurateurs are always trying to re-invent the burger with crazy toppings and recipes. Here are some of them:

-- The Nuttburger (from Matt's Place in Butte, Montana): It's a burger patty with crunchy peanut butter slathered on top.

-- Bean Burger (from Sills Snack Shack in San Antonio, Texas): This patty is topped with Cheez Whiz, refried beans, onion rings and crushed up Fritos.

-- The BK Pumpkin Burger (at Burger Kings in Japan): Features two slices of pumpkin, bacon, lettuce, a beef patty and a creamy, savory nut sause with sesame seeds, peanuts, almonds, cashews, and hazelnutes. And the sesame bun is pumpkin-shaped.

-- The 100 x 100 (from In-N-Out Burger): You can order a burger, any size you want, by requesting the number of beef patties and cheese that you want on it. A lot of fast food meat in one sandwich!

-- Thanksgiving Burger (from Slatter's 50/50 in Southern California): A turkey patty, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and sage mayo...all topped with gravy.

-- The Fat Magnum (from Fat Sandwich Company in Norman, Oklahoma): It features 2 hamburger patties, 2 chicken strips, 2 mozzarella sticks, bacon, 2 fried eggs, 2 kinds of cheese, and it's topped with fries!

What's your favorite burger and where do you get it?