It was so nice to meet Chuck and Alisha James when we had them on our morning show today. They delivered a valuable lesson for all pet owners!

If you didn't get to hear the original story from last week about this family whose dog was lost during the Superstorm, it is a miraculous and heartwarming tale and you can read by CLICKING HERE.

Chuck, Alisha, and their three young children had to leave their home after Hurricane Sandy caused too much damage for them to stay there, and after giving up hope of finding their beloved dog. In the end, they received a miracle, but they learned some valuable lessons that they want to pass along to you.

Even if you have given up the search for your precious pet, and that pet has been missing for months or even YEARS, keep checking the animal shelters. You never know when someone may find and drop off your pet!

And secondly, microchipping is so important and simple! Chuck and Alisha had a collar and tags on their dog...never expecting that their precious animal's collar would get caught in a fence and ripped off the dog.

They have kept the dog's collar to this day. But with a microchip, which you can have done at the Monmouth County SPCA, the first thing that will happen at any shelter your dog is brought to is that it will be scanned and you will get a phone call...instead of your pet wallowing in a shelter for months...or worse, being put down somewhere at a shelter that couldn't find a forever home and was overcrowded.

Thankfully this is NOT the case with the Monmouth County SPCA, which frequently takes pets from OTHER overcrowded shelters to keep them alive and find them a home...which was the miracle that Chuck and Alisha and their three young children got when they got the gift of their dog back....kept alive, safe, and well fed at the Monmouth County SPCA.

For more information on microchipping from the Monmouth County SPCA, CLICK HERE.