This is that time of year when all the cubicles aren't full and half of your emails to co-workers come back with the "out of office" reply. It's vacation season at businesses all over the Jersey Shore.

In some cases, it's a bit of a relief for the workers left behind as well. Let's take as an example, oh I don't know, how about me. My job, and Liz's as well, is to basically disagree. It's not difficult or anything. We pretty much disagree on everything anyway. But it is nice to have some time where we don't have to deal with each other for a few days. I'm sure she feels the same way when I'm out.

So whether you are one of the lucky ones, like Liz this week, who has some time off, or you're one of the lucky ones enjoying the temporary absence of another employee at your workplace, enjoy the break!

By the way, this week on the show, I'll be playing some pretty funny stuff from past shows involving me and Liz. I guess I can't get away from her completely!