There are things we just don't do as veteran residents of the Jersey Shore. One of those things is not going on the Parkway northbound on a summer Sunday unless you absolutely have to.

Well, this Sunday I absolutely had to. I was picking up Diane at Newark Airport in the late afternoon. I knew if the weather was good and I left early enough, I'd avoid the bulk of the traffic.

The weather certainly cooperated, and I figured if I left at 3:00pm I would be fine. Who would want to leave the shore early in the day on a beautiful early Sunday afternoon, right?  I think you know the answer to that. In case you don't, the answer is...lots of people.

And I didn't just get caught in the Sunday afternoon traffic once. It got me twice. I caught it at exit 100, and then again just south of the Driscoll Bridge. So in case you're keeping score for Summer 2016, its GSP 1 Lou 0. And there's no reason to think I'll get any wins this summer.

I should have known better.

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