Strong. Brave. Honorable. Courageous.

Those are some of the words that have been used to describe this week’s Warrior of the Week: Marine Corps' Corporal Serge Huber.

Wall Township’s 24-year-old Cpl. Huber has completed his first four active years in Camp Lejeune, South Carolina, and now is starting his other four years in the reserves for the Marines in Avon.

Nicole Casey, his girlfriend, said that she nominated Cpl. Huber as a “warrior” because of the pride she has in his accomplishments.

Cpl. Huber joined the military while attending Wall Township High School, and did not walk on graduation because he was already in boot camp.

He has been on two tours in Afghanistan, and served one of those with his adopted brother.

“It was a huge help for both of them to be there for each other,” said Casey.

Cpl. Huber unfortunately lost one of his best friends while on his second tour.

A car hit him soon after returning from his last tour while he was on his motorcycle, and he broke some of his bones, said Casey.

Cpl. Huber was in the hospital for a few weeks, cutting into his first semester at college, said Casey.

He did not take time off of school even though he was out of class for almost a month.

Cpl. Huber continued to keep up with his schoolwork from rehab and home through emails and phone calls, and managed to get A’s ad B’s for the semester, said Casey.

“He’s doing an amazing job of adjusting to everything.”

Casey said that Cpl. Huber is a “gentle giant” with a great personality.

They went to Boston to see a comedian in December, and came across a homeless man while they were walking around.

The man was asking for money, but Cpl. Huber gave him much more, said Casey.

“He walked right into the nearest 7-11, and came out with all of the hot food the store had, along with enough soda to last a week,” said Casey. “He gave it all to the homeless man without thinking twice.”

Cpl. Huber is continuing to pursue a Criminal Justice degree as he serves in the reserves, and hopes to eventually become a state trooper.

“I’m so proud of everything he’s done and overcome, not just in the military, but in life,” said Casey.