A “perfectionist” is how Kathy Santiago, mother of this week’s, Warrior of the Week describes senior airman Kaitlyn Powell.

Born in Red Bank, the 2009 Middletown North High School graduate joined the Air Force when she was just 17 years old.

“She decided that she wanted a challenge in her life and researched each branch of the military,” said Mrs. Santiago.

After finding a home in the Air Force, over the years Powell has been stationed in Texas, California, and has spent the last two years in Korea.

Now as a senior airman, Powell has been serving her time as an intelligence officer, where she supports combat operations by protecting information while at the same time collecting data from external threats.

“Because of the type of work Kaitlyn does in the military, it's hard to give a story,” said Mrs. Santiago. “She's not able to talk about what she does,”

The 22-year-old will be stationed in Maryland for her last two years in the military. “She is not sure if she wants to re-enlist, but I’m sure whatever Kaitlyn does she will put her all into it,” said Mrs. Santiago.

It’s vital to recognize the brains behind each and every operation.

“Warriors” like Kaitlyn Powell make the United States a safe, ideal and superior place to live.

Thank You.