I was unfortunately driving on the Garden State Parkway yesterday right at the height of the downpours, and I couldn't help but consider if it was actually the worst driving conditions I had ever driven in.

That's of course saying a lot. We have all driven through some terrible snow and ice storms here at the Jersey Shore, but when it comes to a rain event, this one was certainly right up there.

From the unbelievable downpours that the windshield wipers just couldn't keep up with, to the drastically limited visibility, to the random flooding, yesterday's driving during the storm has to rank among the worst.

Add to that, the fact that there are always a handful of people that feel the need to prove to themselves and the rest of the world that they can still go 80, no matter what the weather. Everyone else is doing 25 with their hazard lights on and these people are flying by, plowing through huge puddles. Why?

A ton of flooding, unbelievable downpours, and even a tornado in Manahawkin. The ridiculous extreme weather continues again on the Jersey Shore.