This week, my Wayback Wednesday pic takes me back to a summer night in Paris!

All summer long we're asking for your Wayback Wednesday pics!

Don't forget to celebrate WBW with Miller Lite, as they go old-school by bringing back their retro white can!

Get it on the party and Instagram your Wayback pics to us! (Use #itsmillertime) We want your retro pics from back in the day, and we want to hear your favorite Miller stories, too!

My Miller story? I spent a good portion of my days at Penn State (and many weekends to come after I graduated) drinking Miller Lite, and it contributed to some very memorable tailgates and nights out. It’s definitely an easy-drinking summer party staple!

Start Instagramming those Wayback photos — don’t forget the hashtag! — or e-mail them to me at, and you could see them featured in our gallery!