Swimsuit season is mere WEEKS away...so what can you do if you're still carrying around some of that winter weight? One celebrity trainer offers some tips:

Ramona Braganza suggests following these five wieght-loss tips for getting your body in bathing suit condition.

1. Tell people you're trying to lose weight. Willpower is great, but can only take you so far. Declare your goal with a post in an online community where you'll be dealing with women who face the same temptations.

2. Give yourself weeks -- not days -- to see results. Doing things in a hurry is a recipe for burnout and giving up. Train moderately for long-term success.

3. Know what you're really eating (and not eating.). Keep a food journal for at least three days to see what's going in your mouth. You may be shocked to discover that a couple glasses of wine at night and daily mocha frapps add up to a whopping 500 calories or more!

4. Walk like you're never walked before. Make things easy by taking the dog or your kids out for a stroll. Start with 20-30 minutes two or three times per week, then build up to five.

5. Use your brain to change your body. Some people catch up on episodes of Dancing With The Stars while walking on a treadmill. But Romana says you should use your brain to focus on your body while you are trying to change it...not on the tv.