When I get to the radio station, I like the peaceful walk into the building because it is dark and quiet...well...it's usually quiet.

This morning, I spotted something bright blue. It was the unmistakable color of Liz's winter jacket. This has happened before, and as much as I would love to have avoided this "extra time" together, I just don't have the heart to avoid her and make her walk into the building alone. After all, I AM a gentleman.

Each time I do, I hope for a nice quiet walk. I always figure today is the day I will get a  gentle "good morning" and that's it. I am always wrong. Not that Liz's greeting is not nice...it's just that it's loud.

This morning I decided to give you a glimpse into the long walk into the building. Hey, at least she held the doors open for me. By the way, notice the workout I'm giving my gum. Must be the early morning stress.