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Maybe you can help me figure some things out before I go to the supermarket again. Personally I think when pushing a cart, all rules of the road apply. You know, keep to the right except to pass. At a four way stop, let the person who got there first go first. And above all else, if you wouldn't just leave your car in the middle lane of the Garden State Parkway and walk away, then don't leave your cart in the middle of the aisle! Am I wrong?? If I am please let me know! has some good ediquette suggestions you should check out, but here's a question they don't answer.

What do you do if you're on line with only one or two items and someone gets on line behind you with eleven or twelve. Do you let them in front of you? What if they only have eight things? You see how complicated this gets? Please help me! When do you let someone in front of you on the supermarket line?