It was perfect weather this past Saturday in Point Pleasant Beach and I was relaxing in my chair in the sand watching the kids frolic in the ocean when all of a sudden all the kids started shouting for their parents. What were they all so excited about?

You'd think it was a pod of dolphins or a shark sighting that would cause such a commotion, but the kids (and us parents, too) were quite fascinated by this rather large, half-eaten sea creature that washed up on the shore.

(photo by liz jeressi)

Maybe it was more the thought that this thing could have rubbed up or wrapped itself around a swimmer that gave way to so much fascination.

Guess it doesn't take much to entertain everyone after spending hours just staring at 'regular' waves, blue skies and swimmers! One mom flipped the fish over just so we could all gawk some more and get pictures...and the crowd kept getting larger!

I can only imagine what would happen if something REALLY important happened!!!

(photo by liz jeressi)