Justin Timberlake is back...even though it feels like he never left. He made his return to the music world at last night's Grammy Awards.

Any time an appearance or a performance is hyped as much as his was for the Grammy's, there's a lot of pressure, and expectations are pretty high. That's just human nature. So how did JT's return to the singing stage measure up?

I like Justin Timberlake. He's obviously a talented guy, but the thing I like about him the most is that he doesn't take himself too seriously. While a bunch of performers act like we should be happy to see them, Justin always seems to make you feel like he's happy to see you.

As far as his performance, I think it was good. Seeing him back on the stage was great...the performance, just good. I don't think it was my favorite performance of the night, but I did enjoy it.

So, what did you think?