A member of our Townsquare Media family, Dino Flammia, of the news department,  is living the dream of many today...he will be featured along with his family on Family Feud. There are so many good reasons to be on a game show...and so many to choose from!

I've always wanted to be on Wheel of Fortune. I used to watch it with my Grandma all the time, and I'm sort of ridiculously good at guessing the puzzles way early on. I've always wondered if I should audition...hmm.

Then of course there's the popular favorite, The Price is Right. But think of the possibilities! Jeopardy, Fear Factor, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Wipeout...the list is endless.

There's the hosts, the "fame", the money...so many good reasons to go for it.

Check out Dino's blog about the audition process, and watch for the Flammias today on the Feud!

What show would you want to be on? Tell us below!