What did you play with the most when you were a child? See if your favorite toy of all time is on this list!

According to a survey from the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, here are the top 20 toys of the century....and you may be surprised by number one!

20. Mr. Potato Head

19. Silly Putty

18. Roller Skates

17. Candy Land

16. Lincoln Logs

15. Hot wheels

14. Little Golden Books

13. Etch A Sketch

12. Spirograph

11. Raggedy Ann

10. Monopoly

9. Play-doh

8. Crayons

7. Cabbage Patch Kids

6. Bicycle

5. View-Master

4. Barbie

3. Lego

2. Transformers

And the Number One Favorite Toy of the Century?

1. GI Joe!