We all know there is at least one thing that will annoy us on the roads of Monmouth and Ocean Counties each day. Liz, Nancy and I were talking about the infamous traffic circle on the show this morning and how it can be a pretty confusing and annoying place. Circles certainly aren't the only source of aggravation for drivers in our area, though.

For instance, there's the jughandle. Ah yes, the beloved jughandle! Need to make a left? Easy...just get in the right lane and go through the same traffic light a few times, but if you have to make a left, whatever you do, don't turn left!

Add to that the fact that some of the signs have spelling errors. See, here in New Jersey we thing "go fast" is spelled y-i-e-l-d and "barely pause" is spelled s-t-o-p. Other than that, there aren't many other things to annoy us except the lights, the traffic and the drivers who aren't as good at it as we are...which is all of them.