New Jersey has been getting a lot of publicity lately, much of it bad. What else is new?

If you've lived in New Jersey for any length of time, you know there is never a shortage of jokes about the Garden State coming out of Hollywood. It's as if every sitcom,drama or movie has to have at least one Jersey joke. They're usually obvious and not very funny, but they just won't go away.

We have become the reality show capital of the world recently, and that hasn't helped. Now they're naming laws after Snooki. Will it ever end? There is no shortage of people who believe shows like the Jersey Shore are doing even more damage to our reputation.

But we can't only blame reality television and Hollywood for the way people view New Jersey.  The reputation of political corruption certainly doesn't help.

This state is filled with generous, caring people who help each other. It is filled with amazing landmarks, gorgeous beaches and its a top tourist destination. So when are the jokes gonna stop?