Think you know what's flushable and what's going to harm your pipes?

Wastewater officials across the country have been trying to spread the message that not just anything can go down the toilet.

Many new products, such as wipes, claim to be flushable...BUT that doesn't mean they're treatable in our wastewater system.

Among the items that don't belong in the toilet: reinforced paper towels, facial tissues (too sturdy to be flushed), baby wipes, diapers, cleaning rags, medical bandages, tubing and pads, and any feminine hygiene products.

Among the more unusual items that people commonly flush that risk causing clogs: cat litter, dental floss and condoms.

A study analyzing what causes clogs in the sewer pipes showed that 42% of clogs were caused by paper products including paper towels and 24% of clogs were caused by baby wipes.

Other items that cause clogs: household wipes, cosmetic pads, and medical materials.

(Associated Press)