When I was growing up in Monmouth County, the failing grade was 70 in my public schools. But some schools are changing that.

Officials in the Bayonne school district have lowered the passing grade from 70 to 65. It's part of a three-year pilot program for the 9,600 students there.

School officials say a committee examined other school districts and found an effective grading policy should minimize failure and reward the positive efforts of students.

Some school officials say success leads to more success.

Now I COULD say that there are some students that try so hard for a good grade that they might get upset at knowing that those who didn't do as well on a test still have a chance to pass...with even a lower grade than before.

But what I WILL say, instead, is that I think that giving more students a chance at succeeding is a GOOD thing in my book. After all, there are some kids....really, really good kids...who study hard and yet are bad test-takers. And I think that giving them just a little more help to pass a test could be the motivation and positive reenforcement they need to hope for even better grades in the future.

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