When you work with someone every day and their birthday comes around, don't you feel compelled to do something to acknowledge their big day?

Not everybody does. At least not the girls I work with. Now, let me start by saying that I try to not make a big deal about my birthday. I'm a subtle guy who only brings up my birthday once or twice a day each day for the three weeks prior to my birthday.

And even with that quiet approach, my gentle reminders fell on deaf ears. The only surprise I got this morning was a big empty room with no balloons, streamers, noisemakers or cake. Actually, I take that back. I did get a surprise. Liz actually got me a gift. I got a knife,,,but not just a knife, it's the "as seen on TV " AeroKnife!

You might think that the gift pales in comparison when you consider that I threw Liz an entire birthday party once, but before you jump to conclusions, you should know that while I did throw a big party, I didn't invite her. I probably should have. It was a great party.

Hey, bottom line is I do appreciate the effort. Liz actually shopped for me. That was a bigger surprise than any party!