We were talking about the recent spring break the kids got to enjoy, and were all wishing we could have a spring break of our own, and maybe that's too much to ask. But what if you had a one day spring break?

Imagine if somebody came along and told you you'd have 24 hours with absolutely no responsibilities? That's right, a whole day with no work, a blank schedule, nothing to do around the house, no e-mail, no internet and no phone. An entire day to do anything you wanted to do.

What do you think you would do? Would you visit a friend you hadn't seen in a while? Would you finally sit down and read that book you've been dying to read without interruption?

Maybe you would just stay in bed all morning, or stay in your pajamas all day. What about taking a nice long walk without having to rush home.

Would you be tempted to catch up on responsiblities anyway? I mean, after all, 24 hours is valuable and you could get a lot done. Maybe even be caught up on a long list of things you never seem to be able to get to.   

Here's the bad news. You probably don't have this spring break day coming anytime soon. Most of us don't. But at least we can dream.