The winter that won't go away left us another little gift this morning. The Jersey Shore wakes up to a couple of inches of snow and it is likely to affect the morning commute.

In addition to dealing with cleaning the snow off of your car, the conditions overnight certainly left the possibility of black ice on the roadways, especially the untreated ones.  You should certainly be on the lookout for slippery spots all day today, as the winds will be strong, making it truly seem like a winter day. There are reports of slick spots in both Monmouth and Ocean Counties this morning.

At the time of writing this piece ,the first check of Point Stormwatch showed no closings or delays in the area, but that can certainly change at any time, so please check frequently this morning to get the very latest school information

Even though temperatures won't get out of the 30's and the wind could make it feel like it's in the teens, there is good news. Temperatures are expected to get warmer, especially on Friday.