Is there anything better than leaving work on Wednesday and knowing that you don't have to come back on Monday? Probably not.

You will be able to tell who has a four day weekend and who doesn't. The people who do will be in the best of moods today. They will be happier than usual and those stress lines on the forehead will seem to have disappeared.

When they leave this afternoon, there will be this "last day of school before summer vacation" feel in the parking lot. People will be talking about weekend plans, and when they get in the car, their fingers will almost automatically begin to tap the steering wheel in rhythm with an imaginary song.

Those who don't have a four day weekend will be easy to spot also. They will be the ones rolling their eyes at all the stuff that people with a four day weekend are doing.

Whether you have a four day weekend, or a day off tomorrow and then back to work, or maybe you're working straight through, here's to hoping that you can squeeze some fun in this weekend, and make it a safe weekend, too!