What is the next legal step for Dharun Ravi?

The former Rutgers University student, convicted Friday in the webcam spying episode that ended in his gay roommate’s suicide could be headed off to prison in a case experts say stands as a tragic lesson for young people about casual cruelties and unintended consequences in the Internet age.


Dharun Ravi was found guilty of all 15 charges against him, including invasion of privacy and anti-gay intimidation. The jury decided that he not only spied on Tyler Clementi and another man as they were kissing but also singled out Clementi because he was gay.

Ravi, 20, could get up to 10 years in prison by some estimates and could be deported to his native India even though he has lived legally in the U.S. since he was a little boy.

Ravi shook his head faintly after hearing the verdict. He and his parents left the courthouse without comment, his father’s arm around his shoulders. His attorney Steven Altman issued a brief statement saying “everyone could rest assured that at the appropriate time an appeal will be filed.”


Prosecutors said they would consult with Clementi’s family and the other man in the video — identified as only as M.B. — before recommending a sentence.

Ravi was also convicted of seven counts of covering up his actions by instructing a friend what to tell investigators and deleting tweets and text messages.

He was not charged with causing Clementi’s death. And while the jury was told Clementi had taken his life, prosecutors did not argue directly that the spying led to his suicide.

Some of the jurors said that Ravi’s tweets, especially one that “dared” friends to watch the webcast that never happened, were key evidence in convicting him of anti-gay intimidation.”That post, what it said, struck a chord in all of us,” said Ed Dolan, a finance manager.

Another juror, Kashad Leverett, a security guard, said that Ravi’s videotaped interrogation by police also helped convince jurors of his guilt. “He admitted to it, saying, `I knew it would embarrass him,”‘ Leverett said.

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