I was giving away some tickets to the Point's Totally Awesome 80's Party this morning and of course it got me thinking about that crazy decade. The first thing that comes to mind for me is the hair. Why didn't anyone stop us??

Another probelm with the hair of the 80's is that, in order to see it, we have to pull out pictures of ourselves that show the clothes we were wearing. Have you ever seen an 80's picture of yourself and swear you don't even remember owning those clothes? I'm pretty sure that's the brain's defense mechanism to shield us from the pain. 

Then there's the music. Oh the music. A ton of it was awesome and has become a fun guilty pleasure. Some of it wasn't. Some of the music was so bad, it made our hair look good.

And how about 80's TV. Two words..Miami Vice. How about two more words...Night Court. This time three words...My Two Dads. Fun stuff. You have to love the 80's!