I recently went out with some friends and found a new favorite appetizer. And it made me wonder...do you tend to get the same appetizer every time you go out to eat? Or do you switch it up? What's your favorite?

My friends Martha, Beth, and I wanted to go out for drinks and a bite to eat recently....and I really wanted to check out the restaurant that I had waitressed at for years when I was younger, so we headed over to the old Poet's Inn in Matawan, which is now Brass Rail Bar & Grill on Rt. 79.

What a great place! And I had the best appetizer I have had in a long time: Chicken Parm Sliders! Sooooooo delicious! (LOVE the chef here!!!). They also had fantastic Salmon Sliders.

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the fried zucchini sticks and dipping sauce at Carabba's (we go to the one in Brick)....one of my top app picks! And who hasn't had a Bloomin' Onion from Outback?

And if I could, I'd probably have French Onion Soup on any cold day all winter long!

Now I'm wondering how long I have been doing my kids a disservice every time I automatically order the mozzarella sticks or chicken fingers when we enter a restaurant. Sometimes I don't even look at a menu to see if they have any original, different yummy stuff to try!

Would love to hear some of your favorites : )