There just seems to be something wrong with having your 8 year old beg for a game for the Wii that costs....SIXTY DOLLARS!

Some of the best-selling console games are costing parents a fortune. My boys adore anything Mario Bros. for all of their gaming systems....but the Wii games that are debuting, along with the 3-D DSI games are just TOO EXPENSIVE.

Especially considering that they could download Angry Birds and the like for $1 without me having to drive to Gamestop.

In fact, many video game industry insiders believe the days of the $60 game are numbered and that the trend is definitely moving toward simpler games that can be played on smartphones.

It seems people are having just as much fun playing cheap games, which is causing video game developers to slow down their expensive, epic projects.

Now I just have to invest in smartphones for my kids. Ugh.