80% of those surveyed admit to having at least a few vices and say it feels good to be bad once in a while!

The most common 'naughty' behavior: For 35% of women, it's cheating.....on their diet....by binge-eating. For men the number-one vice is drinking too much. More than 30% of both men and women say they are guilty of blowing off the gym to lay on the couch.

Over 20% of women say they'd cheat on their man if they could have a guy from "The List". In this survey, the women overwhelmingly voted for the two Ryans, saying if Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds knocked on their door, they'd have a one-time fling! For men the top names on the list were Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez.

Do you and your partner have an authorized "List" of celebrities for a one-time 'pass'? If so, tell us below who's on it!