I've lived in New Jersey for 20 years as of next month(!), and while I think of myself as a Brooklyn baby, I'm definitely a Jersey girl.

Today's Flashback Cafe involved a more personal blast from the past than usual!

Today's Flashback prize winner turned out to be one of my elementary school teachers! As soon as she said her name, it took me back to Robertsville Elementary in Marlboro.

4th grade stunner! Why did we all have that laser background? (Laurie Cataldo)

My mom works in the Marlboro schools now, so I'm sure that helped her remember me, but that's still pretty cool.

I remember eons ago when i was an intern at our sister station and one of my favorite teachers (Miss Stahl!) called in because she heard me on the air.

You know that feeling when you're a kid and you see a teacher outside of school, and you think, 'Whoa, you mean they don't live at school?'

Apparently that feeling never goes away, and even now, I think, "Teachers...listen to the radio? Do any other of my former teachers listen? Do my English teachers get mad when I don't use proper grammar??"

In any case, thanks for bringing back some memories Ms. Shaner, and congrats on your prize!

Listen to the phone call:

Do you have any cool student/teacher stories? Share it in the comment section below!